If you are a professional photographer leading your small group of visitors in Maasai Mara on photography or photographers on their own, or some of the guests who are interested in following some of the great wildlife of Maasai from the great migration in between July and October, some known prides of lions, cheetahs, leopards and general game; our camp is in the best location and all of your interest is taken care of.
Why choose to stay with us on your photographic trips?
Our guides are professionally trained and have conducted alot of photographic safaris, and above all they know Mara very well.
We are on one of the prime locations in Maasai Mara we can very easily conduct our drives into some of the best known areas in the Mara.Since we are in the central area of accessibility of these areas we have divided into two;
Area A: Double cross area, Talek River, Topi plains, Bilashaka area, Marsh area, Mara river and Paradise plains,
Area B: Maji ya fisi area, Olkeju Rongai, Look out area, Sand River area.
Depending on the number of nights you can do drives on the above regions with ease since we start our safaris as early as 6:15 am in the morning and you will choose to go out on short drives, half day drives or full day drives. We will give you unlimited safaris and the best advice on what to do on the following drives depending on the movement of the game and actions of the day.
Our camp has power to run/charge any of the equipment that you will be using. In the case of larger equipment on very serious photography or filming communication prior to your arrival is very vital and your needs will be taken care of accordingly. Book for long stays and get free nights depending on your booking.
After such a long day out and back to the camp. Great service from our happy hospitality team, Comfy rooms, lounge area and our mouth-watering food will be waiting for you.Our vehicles are custom made for photography with all of what you need for your photographic safaris in Maasai Mara.Our camp is in one of the best locations for conducting photography in Maasai Mara. 

We have partnered with the agents below that both leads several photographic safaris annually to Maasai Mara.You may contact us directly or if you are from you UK or India you may use the contacts below.


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Contact Name: Sarah Skinner (Director) 
Mobile: +44 7795 803689