This is one of the most important area at our camp in the evening. While you are enjoying your aperitifs our camp's hosts are there to share with you some of the exciting stories that they have created through their experience of living and working in the bush.The sound of the wild is active at this time, our resident pride of lions will be roaring to advertise their presence to other lions or contact pride members. Star gazing on open skies is just beautiful and you will be able to learn some constellations that you may have never seen from your country of origin.You will fall in love with this place as you will also be able to review your day's wildlife experience and to plan your next day with your hosts. Your campfire experience comes to a pause when one of your hosts comes to invite you for dinner service at our dining area or just by the side of the fire.After your dinner you may still go back to the camp fire and continue having your drinks as you enjoy the tranquility of our camp.